Women who create magic

Sugarlump Friends™ are our featured creators, influencers and world changers. They are women who support and inspire girls, and each other. They have a strong vantage point from being little girls themselves, and help encourage and support what being a girl will mean in the future. They are program leaders and special guests at Sugarlump Factory and continue to be mentors to girls and women alike.


Featured Sugarlump Friend

"All I ever wanted to be was a writer. From about age four or five, that’s it. Well that and a few other things: astronaut, veterinarian, wild animal voyeur, nomad-who-wants-to-see-the-world, wolf fluffer, casting agent, vodka taster, baker and candlestick maker. But no butcher. Never a butcher. But at 26 years old with Dan Wieden suddenly saying So I hear you want to be a writer my response was an immediate semi-stuttering Yes I do are you sure okay why the heck not. I’ve been in this business longer than I ever imagined. 15 years at Wieden+Kennedy, where I learned at the feet and teeth and hearts and nether regions of the masters. Freelance beginning in 1999 meaning 17 or so more years trying to live up to what they taught me. Too many awards to put here; and WK taught me to not remember awards anyway. So let’s just mention Cannes, One Show, Communication Arts, D&Ad etc., permanent display at the Smithsonian and at MOMA. Special commendation from the United States Surgeon General and The Women’s Law Review and Oprah and… to be continued."