Sugarlump Factory is a place where girls of all ages come together
to create a new world of possibilities.
— Erin Sorenson

The Sugarlump Factory is an architectural masterpiece where girls of all ages create, collaborate and conquer.
Departments, or "pods" are specialized with state-of-the-art equipment so girls can become specialists in anything–film-making, photography, painting, design, writing, music, speaking, social media, science+invention, coding, research, (or something no one has thought of yet.) Sugarlump Specialists help collaborate with friends on their projects, so everyone brings what they love to the table.

The Sugarlump Factory provides everything a girl needs to develop her character and her own unique brand.
This confidence will help shape who she will become and what she will bring to the world.



Taraji is a film maker. She has all the tools needed for videography, cinematography, editing, producing, content creation...The possibilities are endless. Cameras, lighting, music and editing software are all ready for her next big picture. She collaborates with the Graphic Design pod and the Writing pod mostly.



Georgia is a designer. She loves working on the state-of-the-art design computers and software. She also loves doing things the old-fashioned way with pencils and pens and light tables!



Frida is a painter. She has every color imaginable in her studio, every brush and every medium to paint on. Her favorite thing to do is learn new techniques from Sugarlump Friends who come to give presentations about their love of art.



Marie is a scientist. She loves testing theories and figuring out new ways of doing things. She loves inventing and her pod has a game they play called what's your invention today? They all share their ideas and figure out how to make them come to life.



Annie is a photographer. She loves taking photos and creating stop-motion videos the most. Her second favorite is going on field trips and photo scavenger hunts.



Jackie is a socialite. She uses her talents for good in the social media realm. She is an expert at spreading love and kindness around like confetti and getting everyone involved. Her favorite question is how did you sprinkle sugar today?



Maya is a writer. Her favorite is poetry and writing songs for videos. Her pod is filled with great thinkers and readers.



Etta is a musician. Her favorite thing at The Sugarlump Factory is the recording studio where she can sing her heart out into the microphone and mix music behind her voice in the editing bay. She works mostly with the film making pod.