This is how we let someone know we love them-even if we don't know who they are...

1. You buy a sugarlump™. Choose from white sugar or brown sugar.

2. You keep one and we send another to someone who could use some sweetness in their life. This can be someone you know, or someone you don't.

3. Write a note for the one getting your matching sugarlump.™ We’ll print it for you and put it in the sugarlump’s pocket. We can deliver it to your  friend, or a child at one of our favorite charities.

4. Your sugarlump™ is someone to tell your hopes and dreams to. Send good thoughts to the friend who got your matching sugarlump™- even if you don’t know them. You feel happy, they feel happy! You both have sugarlumps™ inside and out.

5. A sugarlump™ is the feeling inside when you’re sweet. You can sprinkle that sugar around for a better world where you share love and joy. Go online and tell us how you’re sprinkling your sugar. Together with other kids you can come up with solutions for a better world. Alone you are small, but together you can act BIG!

6. Pass out sugarlump™ notes and stickers to your friends reminding everyone to be sweet!

8. Before bed write your sugarlump™ a note and put it in its pocket. Together you can make your dreams for the world come true. Write down 3 things you are grateful for, 3 things that gave you a sugarlump™ that day, and your wish for tomorrow. Toss it back and forth with your grownup as you express the things you're grateful for.

sugarlump, sugarlump, I say good night. Please bring my wish with the morning light.”

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